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Child support document paralegal preparation services WA

What a Child Support Order Is and What It Addresses:

What a Washington State child support order is and does WA

Child support orders in general define a transfer payment, how much money is ordered to be paid by one parent to another parent. You should be aware though that the child support order really consists of two documents, the order and the worksheets. It is the sum of the two documents that make up and define the intent of the child support order.

Child support orders can also address daycare, unpaid medical expenses, health insurance costs, long distance transpiration expenses as well as other costs or expenses. Additionally, the order defines the proportional share of the costs and expenses that each parent is responsible for, how tax exemptions shall be shared, when support terminates, and when and if they can automatically and retroactively adjust.

Two Types of Child Support Orders in Washington State:

DCS and Superior Court child support orders Washington State

There are two types of child support orders that you can modify, an administrative or a superior court order.

Administrative order. DCS puts an order in place (administrative), these types of orders are not Superior Court orders, they are done internally by DCS.

Superior Court Order. Signed by a superior court judge or commissioner and have an assigned superior court case number.

Either a superior court or an administrative order can be enforced or modified in a Washington State Superior Court, but it is a need to know when initiating any child support action.

Child Support Jurisdiction:

Washington State child support jurisdiction for modification

Jurisdiction. Jurisdiction is a court's authority to hear certain matters. It's their power to do anything.

When Washington State lacks jurisdiction to modify. If an order is from a different state other than the State of Washington, we have a child support order registration service, but no modification service available.

County Jurisdiction. The county where your document was signed by a judge and filed with the clerk of that same court is the court that has jurisdiction.

Modify an Existing Child Support Order in Washington State:

Child support modification documents prepared paralegal services WA

Child Support Modifications. Modifications are generally a change in the amount of child support transfer payment that is ordered by the current order, or any of the other items such as daycare. It requires that you already have one of the two types of support orders (DCS administrative or court). Any part of or all of a child support order can be modified. See our child support modification documents prepared paralegal services for Washington State.

Obtain a First Time Order of Child Support When No Order Exists:

Establish Child Support Order Washington State Paralegal Document Services

Establish a child support order. When no order of child support is on record with the courts or DCS requiring a parent to pay child support, you would need to establish a child support order with documents filed to begin the process. The reasons for establishing a first time order may be because you are seeking a divorce, establishing parentage, or even a third party situation when neither parent has custody of the child or children. See our child support paralegal document preparation services.

Fees for Child Support Document Preparation in Washington State.

Child support documents prepared fees paralegal services WA

Service Availability and Paralegal Contact Information for Washington State:

Child Support Paralegal Services Washington State WA

If you do not see or are unsure of the category for which you need paralegal assistance, please call 206-751-2770.

Local Availability Information:

Child support document preparation is available for most of Washington State for the surrounding counties of:

Clark, Pierce, King, and Snohomish and other counties of Washington State.

Including the city areas of:

Paralegal document services WA Marysville Seattle Bellevue Renton Kirkland Kent Redmond Tacoma Washington.

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