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Establishing or Modifying a Parenting Plan in Washington State Courts are two very different procedural processes. They only thing that is the same is the parenting plan. They require different procedures and forms otherwise and are approached strategically different.

Child custody first parenting plan initial establish WA

Establishing Initial Custody in Washington State Courts

Establishing initial custody means there is currently no parenting plan. The method for obtaining your first parenting plan depends on several things, such as whether the parents are currently married, have not ever been married to each other, or you are not even one the parents that are seeking custody. Other factors for consideration depend on whether one parent is more favorable than the other to provide stability for the child emotionally and otherwise.

Divorce and child custody. Our Divorce Document Preparation Services can establish temporary custody, child support, and file for divorce with this set of documents. Your final documents will include a decree of dissolution and other final orders.

Parentage and child custody. Our Parentage Establishment Document Preparation Services is for parents that have not married each other but share a child with no court parenting plan in place. You must at least file to establish parentage in order to obtain your temporary parenting plan. Until you obtain the final order establishing parentage, you work with temporary orders. When you get the final establishment of parentage order, final parenting plan and child support orders are entered too.

Third party custody. When a third party shall have custody and neither parent shall have custody of the child or children, it is different process of forms document services that are needed. Sometimes, the third party or nonparent, such as a grandparent or an aunt of the children seeks custody. Sometimes the third party seeks custody only until such time that one or both of the parents can resume the responsibility. There may or may not be child support from one or both parents. Third party custody is known as nonparent custody. These are the most complicated area of family law.

custody modification documents prepared Washington State

Modifying an Existing Child Custody Order

Major Modification of the Parenting Plan. To modify custody, you modify the current court ordered parenting plan. Parenting plan modification that involves changing custody from one parent to the other parent is a major parenting plan modification that can include changing child support and the residence the child currently resides in. For these types of documents, use our either our parentage or divorce custody modification services below.

Minor Modification of the Parenting Plan. Effects the schedule but changes very little if any of the parent's total parenting time and would not deal with child support. The type of parenting plan modification can be a type in origin that is either a parentage or divorce. Modifying visitation is usually a minor modification of the parenting plan.

Post-divorce Child Custody Modification Services. For parents divorced from one another seeking to change custody, Washington Paralegal Services provides Divorced Parents Child Custody Modification Document Services which provides all documents prepared that are necessary to change custody from one parent to the other parent.

Post-Parentage Establishment Child Custody Modification Services. For parents that were never married to one another but have previously entered a parenting plan into the courts, see Washington State Paralegal Services for parentage child custody modification document service-provides all the documents required to change custody from one parent to the other parent.

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Fees for Child Custody Document Preparation in Washington State.

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